Q:Do I need experience at a fashion school or fashion related work?

A:It varies each period, but more than half of the students at coconogacco do not have prior experience. Please be assured that your experience is not a criterion for selection.

Q:I have no experience with art or drawing. Is it still possible to attend?

A:Absolutely! In a course with a selection process for admission, we will not be judging you solely on your level of drawing skills. If you feel uneasy, we recommend you first take the Fashion Drawing Course.

Q:I want to take a course at coconogacco, but I live far away.

A:Many students have commuted to coconogacco while living afar.
Students from the Kansai area use the night bus. We also have had students from Fukuoka in the south and Hokkaido in the north. Our furthest student was a student who flew from Korea for every session.
*Currently, due to the influence of the coronavirus, it is also possible to participate online.

Q:Is it possible to take various courses at the same time?

A:At most, you can take up to 3 courses at a time, such as a combination of the Primary Course, Lecture Course, and Fashion Drawing Course. We usually do not accept applications for both the Primary Course, Advanced Course, and Material & Matter Course apart from rare cases. The Advanced Course, Materials & Matter Course have the same date and time, so you cannot apply for them at the same time.

Q: I would like to study abroad. Are there any students from coconogacco who have studied abroad? Also, which courses do you recommend for those who are thinking of studying abroad?

A:Many students have studied abroad after taking our courses. We do not act as an agent for studying abroad. What we can do is give you advice on the portfolio necessary for studying abroad. Usually, our students think about going abroad after taking the Primary Course, Advanced Course, and Material & Matter Course.

Q:I would like to take the Advanced Course, Material & Matter Course. Is this possible if I have never taken any courses here?

A:We usually suggest our students first take the Primary Course before taking those courses apart from rare cases. Regardless of whether you have prior fashion-related experience, we recommend that you understand the coconogacco policy of creative work before taking the Advanced Course and Material & Matter Course.

Q:What is the difference between each course?

A:The Primary Course is centered on classroom lectures, workshops, and discussions. You are to work on the assignments at home. The Advanced Course and the Material & Matter Course are centered around tutorials to help your own work. There are no assignments for the Lecture Course and Drawing Course.

Q:What is the difference between the Advanced Course and the Material & Matter Course?

A:In the Advanced Course, you will create a fashion-related portrait by making use of various mediums. We will do this by looking at current social problems and raising questions about those problems. In the Material & Matter Course, you will explore the problems that occur in the world and create works to propose solutions by experimenting with various materials.

Q:Can I take the courses even if I have never made clothes before? Does each course require prior sewing skills?

A:That is not a problem! Rather than teaching a specific sewing technique at coconogacco, we will give advice while respecting independence. Though it is good to have that initial interest in making clothes and to continue learning with interest. There are a wide variety of techniques for fashion expression, such as sewing, pattern, fabric, knit, print, and embroidery. From the myriad of techniques, you will select the one that best matches your expression. It would be interesting if you could discover a new method or technique.

Q:Is there a selection process for the courses?

A:There is a selection process for the Primary Course, Advanced Course, and Material & Matter Course.

Q:What should I do if I am having a hard time with the assignments?

A:We have tutors and assistants for each course, so please feel free to contact them when you are struggling with the assignments.

Q:Is it possible to pay in installments?

A:We do not accept payments in installments except for the whole-year courses. Please check the application form.

Q:Is the schedule decided?

A:The schedule of the instructor may change, so your tutor will contact you once your admission is complete. If you need to know earlier, we can share the schedule if you understand that the dates may change.

Q:Do you offer classes in English?

A:Classes are only offered in Japanese.
Please consider this before applying.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.