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Admission Process

1. How to Apply

Please download and fill in the application form for your desired course and the coconogacco exclusive resume from the course link that can be found in the application guidelines.
Please submit your application and the coconogacco exclusive resume from the link for each course.
*Each course has a different application form, so please download the form from the specific link for each course.
*When submitting your application, please enter an email address that can receive computer emails. If you contact us via mobile email, there is a possibility that you may not receive our emails. Please make sure in advance that you can receive emails from by checking your cell phone’s settings.

Application Form

Apply From Here

Resume (coconogacco exclusive)

Download (PDF)

2. Application Selection

The selection process will be based on your submitted materials.
We will send an acceptance or rejection email to everyone who applied.
*If you did not receive the acceptance or rejection email, please contact us.Please refrain from contacting us on the day of the results.

3. Tuition Payment

After receiving your admission acceptance email, please pay the tuition for the course you applied.
We will contact you by email regarding how to make the payment.
The admission process will be completed when you pay the tuition.
Precautions for Tuition Payments

*If you apply for two or more courses, the admission fee will be a flat payment of 10,000 yen.
*If you take multiple courses at the same time, there will be a discount of 10,000 yen off.
*The admission fee is exempt for coconogacco graduates.
*Please note that if there is no response regarding the payment transfer that was not met within the deadline, it will be treated as a decline.
*Please note that you will be charged the transfer fee.
*We would appreciate a reply to this email when you have finished making the payment.

Until the Start of the Course

The tutors of each course will notify you by email regarding the start date and the things you need to prepare.
Please answer the form sent to you about attendance confirmation and in-person or online participation methods.