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"What is fashion?" When you face what it means to dress up, you will experience various ways of expression within fashion creation.
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What is fashion?
Let's take a moment to think.
Our world is filled with various types of people who dress up in their style. Somewhere in the world, someone is dressing up in something cute, cool, edgy, and even a bit strange- outfits that are up far beyond our imagination. How are such different fashion styles able to be created one after another throughout many ages? The more you learn about fashion, you will see how there is so much depth to it. Dressing up is a human activity that is so loved. The coconogacco foundation is the entrance to the perplexing world of fashion and the place to learn the foundation of fashion expression.
coconogacco founder, Yoshikazu Yamagata (山縣良和)

Creating is as natural and pleasant as sleeping and eating. Try remembering! Children love to make things. To them, mud turns into a sweet cake and cardboard becomes a dream dress.
But one day you realize, you're not so good at it. Is it because someone's better than you? Because you can't make it well?
I thought that way too, but with a deep breath, I think to myself. What do I like? What am I thinking? I gently warm those ideas with the palm of my hand. I try rolling a paper into a ball. I try stretching the clay. Oh! How cute. Oh! How wonderful. I cherish those moments. That is the creation that I want to aim at the coconogacco foundation.
To create is to like my future and myself.
Kaori Ieyasu (家安香)

It is nerve-racking to get in front of people. Your head goes blank. Your palms are sweating like crazy. It's scary. BUT before that, are we going to do it outside? Is it going to be pitch dark or bright? Are we playing music, speaking live, or maybe screening a video? Should we have people touch it and maybe even have them buy it!
My creations are a part of myself. Like changing clothes, I'm going to try different styles to become someone's and my favorite.


Yoshikazu Yamagata (山縣良和)

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