lecture course

lecture course


In the Lecture Course, the main instructor, Yoshikazu Yamagata will speak about fashion from various perspectives. You will have discussions with various instructors that will be based on their personal experiences on the ever-changing trend of fashion history, the current fashion industry, and the future of fashion.


Yoshikazu Yamagata (山縣良和)

Courses Offered

Former Period (May to September): 7 pm - 10 pm Saturday, 6 classes total
Latter Period (November to March): 7 pm - 10 pm Saturday, 6 classes total
*There will be 6 classes in total for each course period plus a social event including guest instructors.
*A half-year course (one period) or a whole-year course is available.
*Class time may be extended depending on the situation.

Previous Guest Instructors

- Yusuke Koishi (小石祐介) / NOAVENUE Co-founder
- Noboru Yasuda (安田登) / Noh Performer
- Shunichi Mugita (麥田俊一) / Fashion Journalist
- Reiko Sudo (須藤玲子) / Textile Designer
- Yuji Hamada (濱田祐史) / Photographer
- Mikinori Kojima (児島幹規) / Soen Chief Editor
- Chikashi Suzuki (鈴木親) / Photographer
- Madoka Nishi (西まどか) / IDEA Chief Editor
- Ichizou Adachi (安達市三) / CORK ROOM Representative
- Masanobu Sugatsuke (菅付雅信) / President & Editor
- Daisuke Nakanishi (中西大輔) and Taka Nakanishi (中西多香) / ASHU NAKANISHIYA
- Yuri Suyama (須山悠里) / Graphic Designer
- Ryohei Kawanishi (川西遼平) / LANDLORD NEW YORK
- Nobuyuki Ota (太田伸之) / Issey Miyake Former President


Admission fee 10,000 yen (tax included)
Course fee 66,000 yen (tax included)

*Those who have taken this course in the past will be exempt from the admission fee of 10,000 yen.
*If you take multiple courses at the same time, there will be a discount of 10,000 yen off.

Application Deadline

Applications for the second semester of coconogacco 2023 have been closed.
Thank you very much for all the applications.
We will begin accepting applications for the first semester of the 2024 academic year and will announce the schedule for the trial course around February 2024.

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